Grade an Insurance Company/Report Fees

Here is your opportunity to let your colleagues and the public know how specific insurance companies rate on characteristics that matter. Contribute to the growing database of insurance industry reimbursement rates for mental health services around the country. Help the public understand just how much these companies (de)value the care you provide.

If you are a person who is seeing a mental health professional who will tell you how much your insurance company reimburses for their services, please come here and provide the information. Your contribution to the growing RTI database will greatly help other consumers and professionals. Be sure to tell your doctor or therapist about this site and ask them to come here and “Rate The Insurer.”

When you use the following form to grade an insurance company and report fees, refer to the Therapist Insurer Profiling (TIP) Scale© for grading criteria.

ZIP code of practice location for data being reported
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Degree, license, certification of practitioner for data being reported
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Name of Insurance Company Being Graded:
Credentialing Burden
Credentialing Timeliness
Intrusiveness of Case Management
Consideration of Patient Needs
Speed of Reimbursement Grade
Use the following area to report how much this company reimburses you for specific procedures. Please enter a standard procedure code. If you do not have this, please be as specific as possible in describing the procedure, e.g., "In person therapy 1-1 for 50 minutes."
First procedure
Amount Reimbursed for this procedure
Second procedure
Amount Reimbursed for this procedure
Third procedure
Amount Reimbursed for this procedure

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