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How much are insurance companies actually reimbursing?

Here are current reimbursement reports.  At the time of the Blue Shield of California report, reimbursement was reduced to rates below those reimbursed 40 years ago. It should be no mystery to the public why it is difficult to get to a psychologist who takes your insurance.

Company MHN MHN MHN California Blue Shield
ZIP 07740 95816 93010 92014
Practitioner PhD PhD PhD PhD
Report/Fee Effective Date May 08 04/04/09 Oct 2009 7/1/08
Credentialing Burden D   B  
Credentialing Timeliness D   B  
Paperwork D   C  
Intrusiveness of Case Management     B  
Consideration of Patient Needs D   B  
Speed of Reimbursement F   A  
Individual therapy 45-50 mins $70 $75 $70 $60
Diagnostic Interview $85 $90 $80 $75
Family Therapy     $70  

This is where Rate The Insurer will report how much insurance companies are actually reimbursing mental health professionals for services. Information will be based on reports provided directly by practicing clinicians across the country.

If you are a mental health professional, here is your opportunity to inform the public exactly how much the insurance companies think your services are worth. And exactly how much they think “beneficiaries'” mental health is worth.

  • Help the public understand the continuing downward pressure on reimbursement, what this means in terms of the bias against people taking care of their mental health, and how the insurance industry maximizes its profits by limiting benefits for people who seek mental health care and shortchanging the professionals to whom they turn.

Report reimbursement now for companies with which you have reimbursement experience.

And come back here to watch here the constantly growing database of insurance reimbursement for mental health services. Come back and look up reimbursement by a specific comany in an area of the country.

Please contrast what these companies reimburse with what Medicare reimburses for mental health services. In 2007, Medicare covered 44 million people. By contrast, 27 million are enrolled in WellPoint, the managed care organization with the highest enrollment at the end of 2006. Medicare is a good place to begin to understand reasonable coverage policies for mental health care. If you are a person who is afraid of a “single payer” system, get over it. Medicare already is the largest health insurer in the US, and does it very well.

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