Reimbursement 2013

Coding, billing and reimbursement for psychological services will undergo major revisions in 2013. Standard codes to document procedures are being eliminated and several new codes are being added. The new codes to document treatment are for time spans never before used by therapists, such as “16 to 37 minutes”. As of this writing, very few insurance companies have informed providers the amounts to be reimbursed for the new codes. Given the insurance industry’s history, there is widespread concern insurers will use this opportunity to decrease reimbursement to psychologists and others, possibly in violation of federal mental health parity and contract provisions with providers. Information is trickling in at best. Even after providers are informed of rate changes for 2013, thousands of providers in thousands of offices across the country will only know the rate changes in the individual contracts they hold, and will have no overall view of what has happened to rates nationally. We know of no comprehensive national effort to see what the industry does with rates with the advent of new procedure codes.

We hope this is it.

Here, you are able to report what insurance companies tell you they will reimburse you for evaluation and treatment in 2013. You may make a report anonymously. Identifying information is not collected by Rate The Insurer. Data will be provided in the aggregate only, i.e., by insurance company, ZIP code, procedure and by  license/credential under which services are provided.

So, colleagues, tell us all what the insurance companies you work with are telling you they will reimburse you for your services in 2013. Will they take this opportunity to reduce rates? Watch here as the data are compiled.

Items shown with * are required. If you want to report reimbursement for more than one insurance company or reimbursement in different zip codes please return here and provide additional reports.

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